The Number of NIGP-CPP Certificants Grows to 253 Leaders


The Number of NIGP-CPP Certificants Grows to 253 Leaders

December 18, 2020

NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement is honored to announce that an additional 128 public procurement professionals attained their NIGP Certified Procurement Professional designation (NIGP-CPP) in November 2020 by successfully completing the competency-based qualifications set forth by the NIGP Certification Commission.

Today, there are 253 leaders across 32 U.S. States and 3 Canadian Provinces who earned their NIGP-CPP during the August and November 2020 testing windows. 

The NIGP-CPP is the only certification that is anchored in the Public Procurement Competency Framework. The Framework is rooted in research produced by the Volcker Alliance that seeks effective public service through workforce competencies. It is the only certification that specifically targets mid to executive level procurement leaders in the public sector. It is the only certification that integrates with NIGP’s Pathways program featuring competency development within 33 learning modules.  And it is the only competency-based certification that expands beyond public procurement’s technical aspects and assesses the more holistic competencies needed to be successful leader within a public entity, embracing elements of leadership, business principles, and procurement strategy.

Registration for the next testing window (February 2021) is currently available and the May 2021 testing window will become available after the New Year. 

Professionals holding a current CPPO or CPPB certification can augment their credentials by applying for the NIGP-CPP certification at no cost through June 2021.  Those professionals will take an abbreviated bridge exam and the fees for the initial exam are also waived through June 2021.

Join NIGP for monthly informative webinars on the program or learn more by clicking here.

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